I Stand

SoCalScript: I haven’t written poetry in years, but my heart se me estremecía al pensar en las injusticias que estamos viendo en el mundo, especialmente ciertas actitudes actuales en mi país.  Estaba limpiando la cocina, preparándome para el Día de la acción de gracias, cuando estas palabras se me presentaron en mis pensamientos y en mi corazón.

I Stand

I stand with Standing Rock
I sit with Rosa Parks
I march with César Chavez
I dream with Dr. King
I seek with the Jews
I read with the Muslims
I speak with the Germans*
I live with the Japanese
I walk with the Choctaw

* https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_language_in_the_United_States

I kneel with Adam
I wander with Abraham
I witness with Moses
I obey with Caleb
I dance with David
I triumph with Job
I sing with Deborah
I fast with Esther
I stay with Naomi’s new mother

I care for the smitten
I forgive those who sin
I befriend the Samaritan
I save the best room in my Inn
I love those who hate me
I pray for those who despitefully use me
I serve the least of these
I worship the Prince of Peace
Who atoned for me in Gethsemane

I am amazed at the sacrifice
Made for me by Jesus Christ
Who never struck another man
Nor judged the abandoned
He healed the enemy
He blessed the sentry
He bled for me to be set free
He gave his life for love and peace
He opened the gates of liberty

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